Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services

The best time of trimming a tree depends on the type and variety of tree to be trimmed. As a general principle, all the week branches that are about to fall should be trimmed because they pose an hazard of property damage, vehicle damage etc., if not removed in time.

We will provide you a complete peace of mind service. We will completely clean up your premises and process all the trimmed branches into chipping/shredding or otherwise appropriate disposal. If you would like you can keep some of the wood for your future camping plans or even to use in a wood fireplace.

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Mid valley Tree Service helps keep your trees healthy by trimming

We also provide tree pruning and thinning

Tree Thinning

Tree Thinning is a systematic method of removing live stems and branches of a tree so that to have a better crown formation, strong branches, and more penetration of sunlight that will further kill the tree infesting insects.

An excessive removal of live crown (stem, branches) can cause high stress on a tree. As a rule of thumb more than one fourth of the live crown should not be used in one service / one year.  

Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning are very close terms to each other. In trimming we usually will remove weak branches and segments that can cause any type of safety hazard, lift up the crown to beautify the looks, and in pruning we will remove all the dead branches to keep the tree healthy and increase its life. Most of the time we provide these services together if a tree needs it