Tree Care and Lawn Care Tips

Tips – Tree Care

Here are some simple and important tips to take care of a tree on a regular basis.

  • Right after planting a new tree, the soil around it is very fertile. Make sure that you are weeding on a timely basis.
  • Have a trunk securing system that is balanced from all directions and gives some room for the tree movement.
  • Ensure that the protecting stakes are not touching or rubbing the tree from any side.
  • Check the watering needs and as per the climate you are in, water the plant on the regular basis.
  • Young trees are very susceptible to infesting. Make sure that there is no littering around them.
  • Inspect all the trees after every wind storm and winter and call for the specialist services if required.

Trees are the longest living bodies on the earth.

They help us by bringing rain to us, purifying air to breath, reduce soil erosion, provide natural habitat to many bird species, provide fruits, provide many important inputs for medicinal systems and much, much more.

Taking good care of trees is as good as taking good care of our future generations and leaving a good sustainable environment for them.

Let’s take care of the trees together.

Let’s plant where we can!

Tips – Lawn Care

Most of the trees can be taken care year round but lawns are mainly cared and maintained in the spring. Here are some simple and important tips to take care of your lawn on a regular basis.

  • Start taking care of your lawn just at the spring arrival.
  • Use Nitrogen rich spring feeds to have the required growth.
  • Do weekly mowing! The more you miss, the harder it gets to have a nice looking even lawn. If you can’t, call us for an affordable service.
  • Use a garden fork to aerate. It will help the air to reach the grass roots and loosen the soil a bit.
  • As summer arrives, don’t aerate and start watering with summer feed if you feel it is required.
  • Keep cleaning the composite and dead grass.

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