Safety measures while cutting a tree

What safety measures should be taken while cutting a tree?

Safety measures while cutting a tree

Safety is the foremost consideration when a tree is managed (Cut; pruned; relocated; stumped; treated; chipped). Usually because of large size and heavy weight; if falling of a tree goes wrong; it can produce disastrous results in terms of property damage, liability or worst even life can be at risk. The degree of a damage will be usually high and because of that safety aspects must be taken very seriously while dealing with a tree cutting task.

Ask the following questions before deciding to cut a tree;

  • Is the contractor legally insured?
  • Are the work references available?
  • Is all the safety gear used when on your property?
  • Is any power line or gas line in proximity?
  • What weather conditions will be unrealistic to carry on the tree cutting?
  • Is all the equipment he is using in good order?
  • Is the tree really required to be removed?

After getting all the details; examine and evaluate them one more time that you are satisfied with the answers and the tree indeed needs to be removed. Do a written contract outlining clearly the liabilities that may arise out of the contract. All conditions are different, so it is important to evaluate each job site by the contractor.

Confirm that all paths lead to safety and then go ahead and remove the tree!

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